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The most important service that any serious buyer can sign up for is automatic property updates. It allows you to get access to listings days before and makes sure that you don’t miss out on the properties that are most important to you.

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The Southern Georgian Bay Communities are as unique as the people that live in them. To find your perfect hood, check out our neighbourhood pages for information on current listings, local entertainment, schools, transportation and more.

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The most important thing you can do as a potential buyer is prepare yourself for what will likely be the largest financial decision you make in your life.  Download my free buyers guide, and take a look through the steps of the buying process.

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10 steps to purchasing a property

1. Download our buyers guide and educate yourself on the process.

Buying a home is so exciting that more often than not, people get online and start shopping before knowing all the crucial steps and details that go into buying a property. The more you educate yourself on what you are doing and what to expect, the better experience you will have. Input your email below to download our guide.

2. Find the right Realtor for you.

In addition to showing you properties, the right Realtor will bring more to the table ensuring you have the best all around experience. This includes connecting you to mortgage brokers, lawyers, moving companies while also having up to date market knowledge. In addition, your realtor should be familiar with the area you are looking at inside and out, providing insight on how much you should spend on a particular property being ready to negotiate accordingly.

3. Sit down with a mortgage professional.

One of the most important first steps any buyer should make when purchasing a property is meeting with a mortgage broker. Yes, online calculators are helpful, however getting a pre-approval will give you the truth as to how much you can truly afford.

4. Focus! Choose a neighbourhood.

Collingwood and the surrounding area have a lot to offer from the quainte downtown tree streets to living on top of Blue Mountain. The more you focus on what you want the better chance you have at finding the best property for the best value. Looking at too many places can be overwhelming and may turn  this experience from fun to frustrating.


5. Create a list of wants vs needs. (checklist in our buyers guide)

Of course, we all want a turn-key property with all the bells and whistles, in our ideal neighbourhood, at our ideal price-point.  The reality is if you include too many wants in your search you may be left on the sidelines for a long time. Make sure to properly balance your wants vs needs and be realistic about what’s available.

6. Start your search with automatic property updates.

NOW you can start your property search, and every serious buyer needs to be getting automatic property updates. It’s a crazy competitive market out there right now and buyers need every advantage they can get. Our automatic property updates services makes sure that you get the properties that Alexandraer most to you delivered to your inbox the second they hit the market. This is 24/48 hours faster than you will see listings on or most other Realtor’s websites! You can sign up in a couple of seconds by clicking the button below.

NOW it’s time to start your property search. My first suggestion is to sign up for property updates. The market is extremely competitive and getting auto-updates once properties hit the market will give you a leg-up on the competition. The automatic property updates makes sure that you get access to properties in your desired areas delivered right to your inbox 24/48 hours faster than you will see properties on Sign up by clicking the button below!

7. Make an offer based on comparables.

Once you find the perfect place you need to move fast! I don’t ever rush clients, but if you have properly prepared it won’t feel rushed. I know how hard it is to find amazing places and I simply want our clients to have them! When making an offer your Realtor will protect your best interests by including conditions with the offer and negotiating with a maximum price in mind to ensure you don’t overpay or go past your comfort level.


8. Deliver the deposit check.

Once an offer is accepted (even before it goes “firm”) you typically have 24 hours to deliver the deposit check to the seller. The deposit amount is negotiated during the offer process but it is typically 5% of the purchase price. If you deliver the check even 1 minute more than 24 hours, the deal is technically void. Moving money isn’t always fast so make sure to have your deposit prepared in advance.

9. Waive any conditions.

If your offer contained conditions like a finance condition, you have a specific amount of time to “waive” the conditions or the deal will become null and void and your deposit will be returned to you. If you waive the conditions, the deal becomes “firm”  and you are obligated to now close on the property. Neither side can back out at this point.

10. Close the deal with your lawyer and mortgage team, and get the keys!

Your lawyer and mortgage broker will set up meetings with you for a couple of days before closing to sign off on the final documents. At this point your job is to book the movers and get your finances in order. The lawyer will let you know exactly how much you need to bring with you when you meet, but it will include the remainder of your downpayment, land transfer tax and legal fees. Once you have done that, you get the keys to your awesome new property! Woo!

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