Collingwood, The Place to Be According to Boomers & Millennials

Collingwood, The Place To Be According to Boomers & Millennials

An interesting article from Collingwood Today reports that Collingwood and the surrounding area is theĀ  place to be for Baby Boomers & Millennials along with a high demand for luxury homes. Baby boomers and Millennials are giving up city living to reside in this quaint town.

This article provides great insight as to how Collingwood has gone from a seasonal vacation hot spot, to a coveted full-time living area. This is not surprising as Collingwood provides an amazing lifestyle that can’t be beaten, especially for those who crave work-life balance.

Click the link below to give the article a read, I think you will find it to be an interesting read.

High Demand For Luxury Homes – Collingwood Today

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