Local Food Markets & Restaurants Open For Take-Out & Delivery

Local Food Markets & Restaurants Open for Take Out & Delivery

Below I have outlined a list of restaurants and food markets in the Collingwood & surrounding area that are providing take out and grocery items throughout this chaos. It is important at times like these band together as a community and do what we can to support local.  If I have missed any spots that may be open or providing any services comment below and I will add them in – with the new regulations released form the AGCO, I expect the list will grow!

P.S. By clicking on the name of the restaurant/market you will be linked to their website, Facebook, or Instagram page for additional info on their current COVID-19 practices and menus.


Low Down – Take out & Delivery on their regular menu from Tuesday to Saturday 4-8PM. Call to place your order.

Gibson & Co.  – Pilot Ground Coffee available for purchase. Contact for more details.

Huron Club – Take out available as of March 27, 2020 on select menu items. Call to place your order.

Tesoro Mercato   Curb side pick up and delivery of meals and various grocery items

The Tremont Cafe – Take out food & wine on weekends from 5PM-9PM

The Beaver and Bulldog – Take out available daily from 12PM-9PM

Thornbury Bakery Cafe – Take out and home delivery daily

Black Bellows Brewery – Local beer delivery

Bent Taco – Take out on select food & cocktails from Thursday-Sunday

Ashanti Collingwood – Take out available daily 8AM-3PM daily [Tuesday 8AM-1PM]

Ravenna Country Market – Take out and grocery items available

Goldsmith’s Orchard Market – Pick-up & free local delivery on grocery items open daily 9AM-6PM

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